Colmillo De Morsa

Black Sheep


barcelona / spain



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Colmillo de Morsa was born in Barcelona.
The values of the brand reside in the attention to detail and handcrafting, a union of tradition and modernity. They find their inspiration in primary elements, organic elements and creative nature, and they take the environment and the nordic design as a way to make. The raw material is characterized by natural fabrics that transmits warmth and personal sensibility.
The brand name Colmillo de Morsa (meaning ‘walrus tusk’) contains their first premise: beautiful things have infinite forms, so many as people that look at them.

There are two people behind Colmillo de Morsa, Elisabet Vallecillo and Javier Blanco.
Elisabet as a creative director completed her studies in fashion design and she decided to create her own brand to express her vision of fashion. Javier as a community and marketing manager studied Architecture, Mathematics and Fashion Jewellery in London.
Colmillo de Morsa designs and produces in Barcelona using only spanish and european providers.

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