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fachhochschule trier

The three designers Claudia Frick, Iris Becker and Olivia Dahlem design and create their own fashion line, which is manufactured locally in Frankfurt, Germany.
At the beginning of 2008 they started designing business collections for women who refuse to submit to the dictates of current fashion. The idiosyncratic, feminine style of Coco Lores is realized through clear cuts, deliberate contrasts and precise silhouettes. Surprising details make an eye-catcher out of every garment. In production, only high quality materials such as silk, wool, cashmere and cotton are used.
Those designer pieces can be bought at the Coco Lores store in Frankfurt, Germany, and since June 2012 also online at Orders are custom made in Frankfurt, and will also be shipped from there.

Coco Lores does not submit to the dictates of current fashion, but has comitted itself to bring out the feminine and glamorous side of its customers in fashion for the workplace. "Büro Couture" is a business line for presentations, meetings etcetera, which brings quality and individuality to the office. Simple, yet bold, feminine, elegant and charismatic. On top of that, each outfit can be recombined into a playful and sensual evening style. For women which have an insatiable appetite for beauty and fashion.

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