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C o c AE m k a is a sustainable start-up womenswear fashion brand established in Copenhagen in August 2015. cocA is an acronym that stands for the headline "concept of creating aesthetics." We want to bring a new concept of contemporary luxury with sustainable aspects to the fashion market. c o c AE m k a's priority is to provide women with a distinctive and refined mood by its sophisticated aesthetics, solid colors and clean silhouettes that accentuate the body shape. Each garment carefully crafted with unique details and refinements. The fresh, light look is showing the hidden beauty in innovative textiles. Our mission is to convert waste materials into high-quality, innovative textiles. Inspired by nature and guided by sustainability principles. c o c AE m k a creates beautiful garments made from innovative and sustainable textiles, such as milk-fiber and upcycled plastic bottles. The brand is evolved around helping the increasing number of people, who wants to be more sustainable.

The mission is to make it easier to incorporate sustainable pieces to the wardrobe, while inspiring the consumers, to make more conscious sustainable choices. The innovative textile made from waste comes with a sustainable story and gives the garments a meaningful purpose. We aim to provide people with aesthetics garments that last for years and holds a sustainable, conscious story behind every piece in the collection. We do not wish to judge or condemn the industry. We want to make it easier to incorporate some sustainable pieces to a conscious wardrobe.
“To inspire to a more sustainable and innovative wardrobe by connecting people with aesthetics garments.”

Milk fiber is not only good for the environment; it has many beneficial factors, that makes it a very lucrative and sustainable fabric. The fabric is comfortable, light, and soft. Furthermore, it contains natural anti-bacterial elements and has a pH similar to the human skin. It is resistant to fungus, insects, and aging. This makes the fabric relevant, to produce pieces that can be worn for years. The milk fiber is, just like wool, very durable and has thermal insulation properties. This makes it a very relevant material for knitting that is not only aesthetic but also highly efficient. The soft, airy and feathery looks of the textile create endless possibilities, and in the future, we aim to create pieces that can be an alternative substitute for fur and wool, due to the aesthetics and thermal properties.

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