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Toulon / france



Mylène Porte is the designer of Clive.collection.
Graduated from a French fashion design school IICC MODE in 2012, she decided to go to Paris. There, Mylène worked for a few months as Stylist Assistant for FLAVOR and SPRAY Magazines.
During few years, she has been assisting Fashion stylists for celebrities and magazines in Paris and London.
In 2015 she got a Bachelor degree in Marketing, sales and communication. The same year she has assisted a young fashion designer for her brand Hardware LDN.
She was involved in the fashion design, the marketing and the communication of the brand.
She knew after that that she wanted to create something.

In January 2016, Mylène has launched her own fashion brand, Clive.Collection.
The brand is as she wanted it to be, sustainable, hand made in France from recycled and organic fabrics along with an original and unique style, a great quality and a great comfort.

Inspired by tradition, modernity, simplicity, eccentricity. Inspired by a woman who is all about freedom. Impress through originality but keep the comfort. Clive.Collection brings you timeless and unique items made out of high quality end of rolls, GOTS certified organic and fair-trade fabrics from Europe. The environment is as much important for us as the style and the quality of the clothes.

Modern and traditional, original, comfortable, wearable for any occasion, wearable at any time in your life! Clive.Collection is all about a feeling . You see, touch, wear, keep wearing and love. We want our clothes to be part of your life, of your experiences, of your memories.
We want for you simple cuts, a lot of visual effects with colours and prints, a real good feeling when you touch and wear our clothes. It is about freedom and most of all, a style that you can make it yours and feel great in.

We want you to get clothes that you can love for a really really long time. We offer you the quality.

We use end of rolls, GOTS certified organic, fair-trade fabrics from Europe. We try to minimize the impact on the environment and on yourself.

Everything is hand made in France. We produce a limited run of each style because we work mostly with end of rolls, we focus on high quality and we want to make our clothes rare and special.

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