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Clinique Vestimentaire,
design, research and innovation studio founded in 2014 by Jeanne Vicerial

"In this clinic, we take care of patient's body for clothing creation."

In the consciousness of man and his anatomy, designers and researchers of clinique vestimentaire propose alternative concepts to the contemporary textile industry.
With theoric, scientific and practical researches, they developed new clothing conception approaches.
By combining tailor-made and ready-to-wear, they are defining a new paradigm : "ready-to-tailoring"

At the beginning, Clinique Vestimentaire was born, in 2014, during the master thesis of Jeanne Vicerial "A tailor-made body" at Arts decoratifs of Paris school. This project will lead to a first clothing collection and an ongoing eponymous thesis.


Jeanne Vicerial is currently engaged in the mildly self-sabotaging project of creating a robot to replace herself. It’s just one of the mad-scientist fashion experiments the designer has been playing around with recently, as she attempts to reshape the laws of fashion in her laboratory-slash-studio.
She focused on mimicking the anatomical structure of the human form, using strings to imitate sinews. It’s a high-tech version of couture, made in the birthplace of the practice. Most impressively of all, each piece was made from a single, 466-kilometer-long thread.
She’s currently completing a Ph.D. (SACRe EnsAD - PSL Research University, Paris ).

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