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Clémentine Sandner is the Founder and Creative Director of Clémentine Sandner, a unisex streetwear and accessories label that was established in late 2014.

During her studies at Esmod International Fashion School in Lyon (France) and Tokyo (Japan), the French designer loves to reuse unwanted materials, and is driven by the challenge of recreating something desirable from that which is seemingly 'waste'.

Clementine travelled to Japan hoping to discover more about Japanese fashion and to gain a stronger sense of the unique local styles, that cycle from the heritage to the contemporary.

Having lived in Tokyo, Osaka, and now calling Kyoto home, Clementine has been greatly surprised by how influential traditional culture and custom remain to Japanese society today, especially with regard to design. As a result, the 26-year-old has developed a deep appreciation for the Japanese kimono, being most drawn to the aesthetic of prints that evoke natural phenomena and daily life with elegant subtlety.

Affectionally known as “Mikan” (a translation of her name’s meaning into Japanese), Clementine’s process begins with sourcing fabric from local flea markets and kimono dealers throughout Kansai. The design then evolves from experimenting with combinations of prints and hues, as well as modern accents: reflective detailing, recycled seatbelt straps and other heavy-duty fittings. Each bespoke design is hand-finished and orders can be customised upon request.

A natural-world influence is evident in the fold of her Scarabe or the featured prints of her antique textiles. Through her collections of streetwear, clutches, bags and backpacks, the hands-on creative hopes to share her passion for upcycling, as well as support an element of tradition to evolve and, thus survive, in modern times.

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