Clara Daguin

Black Sheep


paris / france


École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Paris

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Clara Daguin was born in France and grew up in the Silicon Valley. Her artistic practice is an artisanal approach based on the association of manual savoir-faire and technology, mostly through interactive pieces crafted using embroidery and electronics. It speaks to the symbiosis of natural and artificial we experience daily, which is simultaneously fascinating and terrifying.

Using fashion as a medium allows the body to play a central role in understanding our evolving relationship to technology. The use of light as material gives substance to invisible energies, pulsations and waves inside of this body and around it. Light evokes the idea of the infinite, what is intangible and esoteric.

The message is neither utopian nor dystopian, simply an exploration of the current state of things. The experience is phenomenological and intention is placed on surprise, emotion, and contemplation. Her artistic work serves as a base from which to present ideas and proof of concepts which can serve client projects, putting this evolving savoir-faire to use in a multitude of sectors : tech, research, music, film, art.

She also develops a ready-to-wear line which can be pre-ordered online.

Clara Daguin is a former Hyères Festival finalist. She is based in Paris, France

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