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Nakło nad Notecią / poland

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Aleksandra Bylicka is a nail styling trainer and runs her own beauty saloon. She has also graduated from the teacher training college of foreign languages and has master degree of Human Resources. Privately she is an art enthusiast, interior design lover and handyman. On top of that, she is in love with musicals, plays the piano and loves animals.

For many years, Aleksandra has been passionate about the fashion industry, but she started taking her first steps in the clothing industry in 2019. It took a year to work on her debut collection.

Her company name has a sentimental meaning to her. Aleksandra loves bold stylizations and unusual solutions. She focuses on details in her projects. Aleksandra draws inspiration for her projects from traveling around the world. She is dreaming about building home with her own hands. She loves to create something from nothing.

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