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são paulo / brazil


Centro Universitário SENAC

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Cisô is a Designer Luxury Lingerie brand launched in 2016, dedicated to femininity, in- novation & sustainability. In the early stages of its release, Cisô obtained global coverage showcasing unique contemporary designs, nominated as the future of Brazilian under- wear. In 2019 was invited to exhibit the first lingerie fashion show of Casa de Criadores, bringing designs to the catwalk on its home turf (since 1997, Casa de Criadores is the most visible showcase of Brazilian fashion creation and emerging designers). Gone also on to exhibit at Fashion Week in New York, Charity Fashion Show in St. Andrews, and at Exposed in Paris, gaining great exposure around the globe. Cisô was the first and only Brazilian label invited to present at Salon Internacional de La Lingerie, in Paris, as one of the highlights of the season (2018).

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