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Founders Tilly d Wolfe and Thomas Barranca formed TillyandWilliam in 2011, and in 2018, renamed the label CILIUM.

Tilly has the award-winning design background, vigor for innovative pattern making, and a personal style that had previously upheld her two-year Fashion Editorship for FashionIndie. William brings a sexually intellectual standpoint as a New School Master of creative writing and gender studies. He balances Tilly’s boundless conceptual designs with his sharp stylist’s edge.

Together, they have invented original transformable and gender unbiased pieces that build together to create an infinite whole. One single garment fits the body in multiple configurations, thus the ability to share and wear over again becomes usefully addictive. Using strictly the softest textiles with the highest form of function, the clothing is softer than silk, washable, breathable, stretchy, flowy and body shaping, all while being kind to our planet. Color and print are always original. Tilly uses natural dyes to color fabrics on their modest stovetop. they’ve also taken their photos and manipulated them into prints, printed in Brooklyn.

Cilium (FKA TILLYANDWILLIAM) have shown their on the runway at New York Fashion Week, using dancers within the show to artfully demonstrate just how possible it is to transform one garment into another and share with the other.

They have staged many live Transformances since, off of the traditional fashion week schedule. They've created commissioned collections for the Mix queer experimental film festival, and other theatrical experiences.

Their focus is the wearability of cilium garments in day to day life, as they become staples in people's wardrobes across the planet.

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