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Christian Unity helps to express authenticity through design. We believe our collection unveils the Spirit of Truth and unifies the street in Faith.
Our history started out from our faith in Him. We are family business with thirty-plus years’ experience in light industry. Christian Unity operates out of Poland, Lodz once European capital of light industry that after millennium crisis is being reborn again. We know how to knit, sew and design. We combined what we know with great passion and faith in Him.
Social responsibility: we are on the mission to change people’s relationship with their apparel. We want to bring God closer to bodies & souls of our Customers and at the same time make sure we do it in the ethical manner. We pride ourselves on:
-Fair Labor - all our products are made in Europe. We pay a living wage, we cover health insurance and adhere to all laws and regulations (social security, vacation pay, paid sick leave). No child labor. Our attrition rate is one of the lowest in the industry.
-Product Design - we aim for lasting value believing that greenest product is the one the Customer does not have to replace. We use minimal packaging.

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