Black Sheep


tallinn / estonia


EBS / Estonian Art Academy / UAL (LCF)

Graduation year


The estonian based designer Karl-Christoph Rebane has made his brand’s main focus around sustainability and asking the question of how to push the boundaries of sustainability - from creating the materials himself or finding alternative ethical means to creating the garments. Furthermore pushing the concept of what can be done in general with mixed media - such as creating from the roots of self written poetry, being inspired by or creating within making experimental films and so on.

In the first collection ‘’AM I A JOKE TO YOU’’ the designer created water resistant sequin fabrics using upcycled confetti and repurposed plastic tableware as well as used hundreds of bulletshells gathered from a nearby forest which were dyed and drilled into dangly almost musical beads.

Through this natural urge of trying to find more rough materials that have been thrown in the landfills, but could be bent into fashion, the second collection ‘’The Significant Other’’ was born. With this deeply personal collection a new wave of cruelty free faux leathers was born from either barber school trashed hair dummies or be it something naturally beautiful like shedded snake skin. The urge to use local materials is something really near and dear to the designer which depicts through the usage of local wool, scraps of fabric from local designers as well as just using beach sanded glass shards that have been individually hand-drilled into beads.

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