Christina Ryss

Grey Sheep


moscow / russia


British school of Art and Design

Christine Ryss is the name of the brand owner and creator.
I got education in Business Informatics in Moscow and worked in IT. Then there were 8 years in Digital advertising: strategy and creative for the Biggest brands in the World that gave me unexpected experience)
Fashion was just a hobby until 2016 year, when the idea of creating own brand appeared.

The idea of the brand is a combination of the rationality of life in the city and femininity.
The brand translates the concept of smart premium - an intelligent buyer does not pay a lot of money for the names of great Houses, but receives a product, a service of the highest level.
It is important for the designer to build a tactile interaction between the client and the bag, because it's a thing with all day long connection.

We are proud of the quality, service and simplicity of our bags.

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