Christie Dawli

Grey Sheep



beirut / lebanon

Graduation year


The young Lebanese brand, bears the name of the designer and creator herself, Christie Dawli. Launched in 2017, the creator's main aim was to introduce futuristic innovation to a region set so forth on embroidery. Through that, the regions very first 3D printed fabric was created. After winning the Ultimaker 3D Printing Challenge for her university, a label was strongly identified as exceeding the boundaries. Former psychologist, inspiration drives through deep thoughts, exploration of unconscious, and the natural process of transformation.

Christie Dawli brings together the techniques of the future to create sophisticated and complex designs. To counterbalance, easy, sexy, and feminine garments are also introduced to make pieces simple to wear. 3D printed fabrics, laser cutting intricate design, and advanced pleating create a vision of force and elegance.

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