Christa Boesch

Black Sheep


basel / switzerland


art college basel

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Christa Bösch is a designer with a vision. A graduate of Basel Institute of Fashion Design, her latest collection is based on the idea of a group of people, driven by the common thoughts of fun and entertainment. The designer explains her motivations thus – “In search of balance, we rush to yoga classes, meditate with YouTube and treat ourselves to a detox in a hurry. It is a paradox - go home and relax.” Christa speaks to NOT JUST A LABEL about her personal sense of style, what inspires her creatively, and stress… After some month as an au-pair in the States, I realized that kindergarten teacher might not be the right choice for me. So I went to a career consultant, which gave me a list of all courses of studies – by process of elimination I have had three left overs: Mathematics, Architecture and Law - no idea why these three! My high school math teacher told me that math studies are a bit mental, so I decided not to study math. I did some trial days at an architect, but I didn't like that much. So I decided to study law. I was never really happy there, and thought about what I really would like to do. So I tried fashion… and here I am!

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