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SukHwan Cho Adriaanse was born in Seoul, Korea in 1986 and was raised in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

In 2004, whilst visiting Milan with his father, where he wandered through Via della Spiga, he was struck by alle the high-end stores. It was like walking into a different world.
After receiving his first DOLCE & GABBANA lookbook he couldn’t stop watching and recreating the images he saw. A few months later he started to work at MONTULET Men’s wear Int Inc. in Maastricht where he got introduced to the finest Italian tailoring brands such as BRIONI, KITON and E. ZEGNA. Sukwan got intrigued by fashion and the quality of life it stood for.

When he started at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2010 a deepening of his interests, passion and skills took place and never stopped. With highlights such as participating in the team of Individuals and by doing so getting the opportunity of showing at the opening night of the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013. He was ready to get out there and get his hands dirty, therefore he was determined to have an internship at ALEXANDER WANG in New York. What better place to work than an upcoming and by now well estalished luxury fashion brand. This was the utmost challenge to show his skills and competences and learn how to become a fashion professional. He worked closely with the pattern, design and development departments and was fascinated by the company and its people and their thrive and willingness to let him succeed. After completing this
internship Sukwan is determined to be part of a team of a high-end label and by finishing his Amfi education in 2014 this determination even grew stronger and stronger!
Sukwan’s convinction is that the great thing about fashion is that it is changing all the time. He always looks for references that people can relate to. Such as classical sportswear and tailoring.

“I think it’s important that there is a comfort level to it and has ease ’’ he says.

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