Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


university college falmouth

Graduation year


Experimenting with and creating new approaches to pattern cutting is the main source of inspiration for Chloe Reynolds' work. Thought processes leading from a single simple shape such as a circle to heavily draped and flattering silhouettes in have inspired her recent graduate collection.

Influenced by in-depth research into Japanese design, the collection is a futuristic crossover between clothing and jewellery design. Based on armour and protection, and inspired by armadillo shells and fish scales, it is constructed from entirely black fabrics, and intricate laser cut and anodised metal embellishments.

Past work has been heavily focused on structured forms and the overall silhouette of a garment over small details and embellishments.

Chloe Reynolds is currently working on her new collection and also on commissions which are available upon request, and is looking for job opportunities as well as freelance work.

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