Chloé Brulhart

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geneva / switzerland


haute ecole d'art et de design / head genève

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Chloé Brulhart is a young French-Swiss designer.
After artistic studies, Chloé moves to Geneva to study fashion design in HEAD.
In 2015 she successfully graduates with a Bachelor in fashion design and accessories.
She also stayed six months in Paris to complete a traineeship as assistant for the brand Melindagloss.

Her experience brings her finally to define her own vision of menswear aesthetics.
She explores and focuses on the contemporary ambiguity based on the notion of gender, expressing the virility using “so-called” feminine attributes traditionally expected in woman fashion.
She also bases her work on the way to relate to others and on the research of a sensual appearance. .

She is now looking at developing her own label, “Chloé Brulhart”.
This Brand “Chloé Brulhart” is meant to be a modern high-end menswear brand.
Her objective is to offer men and men’s fashion an innovative conceptual approach involving production skills used in luxury clothing, attention to details and fine materials.
The man wearing “Chloé Brulhart” should always be seeking for originality and lives in a creative and poetic universe.
He wants unique clothes made of fine materials and exquisite finishes, but is still looking for a traditional and non-ostentatious elegance.
He still wants to put forward his look of a smart man with physical sensuality.

The young designer creates clothes fitting men asserting their research and desire of elegance, men for whom the details are key.

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