Black Sheep


new york / united states


fashion institute of technology (FIT) new york.

Graduation year


The chikimiki collection is set to defy mundane boundaries and deliver a wardrobe that embraces individuality. Founder, Elise Dealmeida designs magical creations for women who want to express their personal spirit to the world.
Her belief in matching one’s presentation with their internal essence shines throughout the brand ethos, from the collection’s aesthetic to the company motto. “Be Kind. Be Different” is a daily reminder to live life in an extraordinary way.
Her signature tone of whimsical sophistication translates though a harmonious-clash of color spectrum, fabric textures, and exceptional craftsmanship.
As a true Manhattanite, Elise supports the neighborhood fashion community by Made in New York development and manufacturing; including the intricate hand-stitched embroideries.
The collection is intended to be an emotional experience sending instant happiness to the heart. Chikimiki welcomes you into our professional playground for an enchanting style adventure.

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