Grey Sheep


buenos aires / argentina

Lourdes Chicco Ruiz was born in Santiago del Estero, in the north of Argentina. She settled in Buenos Aires when she went to fashion design college.
After going through the career of fashion design, she began to study shoemaking
in depth at the FLB school workshop.
In 2005 she began experimenting with hand-made shoes and produced some herself.
In 2007 she started making shoes for the public. These were just a few unique pieces,
for customers who wanted something particular. She also carried out a number of small jobs consisting of no more than one pair.
In 2009 she opened her store in Palermo, where she continues to work under the same criteria and careful craftsmanship. Always experimenting with new textures and materials (kidskin, suede, mondongo, fish scales, hair, vintage fabrics, acrylic, raffia, net) playing with details (tassels, antique buttons, fringe, lace, ribbons, woven rattan called “Totoras” made in Santiago del Estero).
She is always in search of the perfect detail to each piece and always puts her native roots in
her design.”What motivates me is my santiagueñas roots, so rustic and magical. With such fantastic stories, fears and hopes. And my daughters, full of inspiring illusions dream”
In 2011, began to participate in foreign exhibitions, always representing our country.
And so began exports to exclusive designer who value this kind of handmade product, arty and care in the U.S. and Japan.