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University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

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A collective enterprise of creative and craftsmen from different areas, having the same philosophy transposed into any object created by them and intended for sale: the sine qua non combination between idea, shape, functionality and quality.
As a designer, it is quite difficult to be absolutely brilliant twice a year. With the fast fashion industry & consumer spirit in power, we are now being asked to be brilliant more than 15 times a year. But superficiality and speed not only affect the fashion industry, but all the creative industries.
We, the ones behind | C U |, want to build beautiful, functional objects according to people and their lives. Yeah, we know it's almost a naive dream, totally the opposite direction that most of our industries go, but we believe in him, we think you've gotten tangled with no foundation. We want our objects to have content; a content about the contemporary lives of people. Behind every created object made by us are real human values ​​and we never want to forget this. For each idea, form, concept, we ask: "Why?" We want to know who and how it is used. And then we decide to produce it.
Our ultimate goal is to create pieces of terrestrial happiness, a world, a life, a place governed by joy and the desire to discover every moment and the will to fill it with beauseful (beautiful and useful).

How will we do that? Together, one with another.
We unite our powers. It is counterproductive and unrealistic to believe that all creative people, all aspirants will be recognized by the world and will be successful. In search of the exceptional one, who remains to create beautiful, tangible things, useful for every day in our lives? Who will give us the little day-to-day joys, without too many sacrifices and without the pretense of capitalized art?
Who are we glad to enjoy it with?
With us.

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