Chelsea Bravo

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


uca rochester

With a spirit of curiosity and a desire to explore and discover Chelsea Bravo uses design as a platform to express her notions and concepts through garments. Working with open spaced, loose yet controlled silhouettes, the brand’s identity can be found through subtle distinctive details such as jumpsuits with dropped crotches, kimono cut sleeves on jersey pullovers, cut out incisions on the side of woven
t-shirt hems and surface manipulation through a symbolic use of appliqué in solid abstract shapes and linear hand painted lines that depict faces.

Fabrications are chosen and used mindfully within each collection, each garment is crafted using materials that are plant derived and that will naturally decompose without much harmful impact to the earth at the end of its use.

With her refreshing and contemporary approach to design Chelsea Bravo shows that sustainability in fashion can be relevant, well designed and desirable. It is her desire through the brand to ultimately create collections with purpose, intention and meaning, garments that not only mean something today but will go on to mean something forever.

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