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london / United Kingdom


university of kent

Graduation year


Charon is a luxury womenswear label by Edward Chung. From a young age, he was always encouraged to explore the arts, even when there wasn't much opportunity in the small city of Kota Kinabalu on the east coast of Malaysia. His introduction to fashion came from his mother, who was keen in fashion and had once taken classes when she was in London. Through the age of the internet, he was able to explore and experience fashion even in a place where fashion was non-existent. It was then decided to try his hand in fashion design. He briefly took courses in Singapore, before opting to explore two other mediums - drama and English literature. His education in the arts allowed him to develop his ideas and thoughts. It was then he realised he wanted to create a world combining all of his passions using fashion as medium. To create garments with very personal touches.

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