Charlotte Zimbehl

Black Sheep



london / United Kingdom


amd academy of fashion & design Munich

Graduation year


Top Physical Stockists

Stor & Lille, Berlin

In a world of plenty and mass production, quality, design and origin of the product are key factors. We connect our name and the design of our products with the idea of highest quality and sophisticated, timeless design, while making sure all of our products and it’s components are ethically sourced. We offer you the best in class, products that make you confident and bring you joy. Complete satisfaction of our consumers is at the core of everything we do and the guideline and base of our business. Here is a brand that embraces the adventures of a cosmopolitan woman, where pieces are to be thrown on and not thrown away. Attention to detail and extensive research and craft goes into the fit of each garment with the brands values and wisdom standing firmly in the craft of tailoring. Make a statement with your coat. Make a #firstimpression.