Grey Sheep


leicester / United Kingdom


demontfort university

Graduation year


I am an innovative and creative womenswear, knitwear and textiles designer, coming fresh into the industry after successfully showing my final collection at Graduate Fashion Week. This was the culmination of my Fashion Design degree course at DeMontfort University. My project was based on fragility and Bauhaus created through mediums such as macramé, cable ties and leather.

My inspiration is taken from the use of mundane objects to create and embellish new fabrics, applied to the body creating unusual shaping and silhouettes. The use of colour is very prominent in my style which portrays my energetic and lively personality; I like to translate that into my work.

I use traditional techniques with everyday objects to create new and exciting materials, such as fabric made out of chain. I pick up new techniques very easily and my passion lies in experimenting with techniques to create samples. I am very adaptable to any situation that I am thrown into and I enjoy challenging myself and learning new skills