Grey Sheep



san josé / costa rica


istituto marangoni

Rob Chamaeleo, 26 year old designer from Costa Rica, is the designer of the brand. After completing his two titles in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing in Milan and Paris, Rob returned to his home country to dedicate himself to his label. Today he also shares his international education through his position as director of the Fashion Career of Universidad Creativa.
Highly focused on the tactile version of abstract inspirations, Chamaeleo is a brand that challenges the ideas of beauty and morality that seem to be defined as "absolute". Chamaeleo's modus operandi consists of assuming everything real, or too pessimistic and creating, inversely, ethereal works of beauty. Arts, politics, business, mathematics and science serve as catapults of inspiration for the brand. Chamaeleo intends to dispute the "absolute" in order to form a world of fantasy and escapism. The brand reunites two lines: Chamaeleo Gamma, with the more contemporary proposal, and Chamaeleo Alpha, which focuses on the creation of trends and the observation of social behaviors.

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