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academy of fine art in Łódź

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DECEMBER THIEVES (Boston, MA / USA) / HAVEN (Nashville, TN / USA) / ANNARLETTE (Amherst, NY / USA) / JOYEUSERIE (Hong-Kong, China) / KAG MAG (Katowice, Poland)

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Our mission is to convey faith, love and hope through walking together instead of creating divisions. CHOOSE UNITY.

CH-UNITY is born out from our faith. Love and mercy inspire us to reveal the goodness in each of us. We believe that everyone is reflection of Love. For us that is a fundamental truth that unites our hearts in the world of polyphonic norms and disintegration. We are all pilgrims on our journey to overcome the fear of differences and isolation.

/ Fair Labour - all the products are made in Europe. We pay a living wage, cover health insurance and adhere to all laws and regulations (social security, vacation pay, paid sick leave). Our attrition rate is one of the lowest in the industry. No child labour.
// Product Design - we aim for lasting value believing that greenest product is the one the customer does not have to replace. We use minimal packaging.
/// Community - we serve the local community by donating 1% of net profit to the local foundation.

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