Grey Sheep


Kaunas / lithuania

Name: Celsius 273 - is the temperature gives sense harshest climate in the universe -273 C. The threshold at which the disappearance of any life form. Silence and eternity. Without water, without the slightest rudiments of existence. Sterile condition, without time, thoughts, but carefully protecting themselves innermost secrets of the universe and inspiring to create urban utopias.
Matter: Cement and a few secret ingredients, who this architectural, concrete art converted to the lightweight, non-breakable and unique handmade jewelry.
History: Celsius 273 cement jewelry - it's ideas and visual expression synthesis of urban architecture fits in palm. Each jewelry hides inside story. The story, that we know, we live and breathe. The story, which belongs to the city. Details gives meaning to the memories experienced in here, in a world whose horizons hiding still unknown desires, not recognized people and objects. Among the concrete streets and inside people invading volcanoes, we have developed urban sketches that fit between your fingers, the heating and reminding that life hidden in the concrete walls of the city, who conserve inspirations overlie on our bodies. This is - inspiration to create a life and moments that remain forever in us a fraction of urban architectural history.

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