Grey Sheep


moscow / russia

Ccwdmoss is an independent label of handmade shoes and accessories by Andrey Moss, which do more than merely make a statement: they express the impermanence of the human experience through an artist's eyes.

Following the traditions of craft production of leather goods, Andrey Moss offers his customers shoes and accessories made by hand from the finest leather made in Russia, in Ryazan, where Andrey founded his independent label in 2013.

At the heart of the designer's work is the process of creating an artistic image through which Andrey talks about the dark side of culture through his vision of women, art, religion and sexuality. Behind the ascetic design with raw edges and feminine silhouette with rough details hides a sophisticated ideology of work, which the artisan devotes to exploring the human body as well as the process of its withering, working through an anatomical approach to creation, an approach to design with an emphasis on single tailored pieces, material analysis and how texture relates to form.

Each product is crafted and painted by one pair of hands using self-taught, unconventional methods and rare materials ensuring the uniqueness of every piece.

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