Catalina J

Grey Sheep


brussels / belgium

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CATALINA J is a Brussels based brand which creates limited edition collections designed to fit perfectly for each body, to sculpt the fabrics and tailor with special care for detail. The fashion designer of the brand is Catalina Jitaru - she develops a refined construction of actual silhouette with elaborated crafted lines and her key inspiration is from Couture technique.

The brand concept focuses around a strong and smart, yet wearable look which empower women personality and define a contemporary individual aesthetic.
A poetic yet minimalistic tone underlines the collection with simple but expressive structured shapes.
Unique pieces channeling modernity and classic style unveils a new cool femininity and encourage the women to shape a taste for visionary minimalism.

Catalina J brand represents a thought-provoking spirit identified with clean, polished and comfortable silhouettes featuring unexpected soft-edge details.

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