Grey Sheep


verona / italy


alchimia, school of contemporary jewellery, florence, italy

Graduation year


I was born in a natural and exuberant country, Costa Rica.

I started my first approach to jewelry in 2005 in Costa Rica at Studio Metallo, while studying graphic design and was desperately in need of using my hands. In 2007 I decided to live from it, moved to Florence, Italy and studied for 3 years in Alchimia (School of contemporary jewelry + design) dedicating all my efforts to the making of contemporary jewelry.
I lived and worked in Florence for 5 years and moved to Berlin in 2012. After my Master degree in hochschule Trier / Campus Idar Oberstein, Germany I moved back to Italy in 2017 to Verona, Italy. After 5 years in Italy, 5 years in Germany.. now back to Italy.
Doing my best to create contemporary pieces, hoping to keep it up from here!!!.

My work has two main streets, resin and wax production / addiction.

I need materials that let me make mistakes, that are kind enough to let me think of a way in or out. Something that allows me to play, to enjoy the creating process. Feel the material to unleash the inner child. Simply learn, read, travel, understand everything I need before the making and when I'm ready it becomes a game. Is remembering everything you learned, everything you want to express and then just forget it for a second and it all comes out spontaneously. The freedom wax gives me is a must. It forgives my mistakes and takes me to the end.

I need my small toys, resin and pigments to preserve that second. That's when the plastic bag becomes my canvas.
Side by side, hand by hand resin and gold come together. All this joy becomes conscious into preciousness when brought together for a jewel.