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Eléonore Cass was born in Paris, France in 1993. After her B.A. in Fashion History & Marketing from London Metropolitan University, she travelled India for a year and became a certified Hatha yoga teacher. Eléonore fell in love with India and decided to settle there part-time to finally bring to life her lifelong fashion project. CASS was born out of the desire to create meaningful and long-lasting garments with a minimalist, modern and sexy edge. The whole point of this endeavour is to create small batches collections designed to last beyond time and seasonal trends, using the most luxurious sustainable and vegan materials while each piece is made by a single tailor who has his/her name on the label of the garments they make. CASS aim to revolutionise the fashion industry by promoting conscious fashion, transparency and accountability of business practices and connecting customers to the people, places and components involved in the making of their clothes. CASS strives to trace back the origin and stages of each component used in the value chain to ensure each piece is made with love, care and respect for people, the environment & animals.

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