Carmen Llaguno

Grey Sheep


monterrey / mexico


BFA Parsons The New School for Design

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries

united states

Our work aims to incorporate femininity and spirituality into the alfa female throughout our garments, accessories and sculptures. While also reminding women, that like crystals — our identity is multifaceted. We have the right to operate at the full spectrum of existence; to be
serious and sensual, feminine and rebellious and whatever we desire to be.

Our multidisciplinary approach to design allows us to not only create garments but also one of a kind “objets d’art” that take our vision even further, breaking the murals between lifestyle, art and fashion.

We celebrate a slower pace and process where there is importance not only to construction details, but also to ethics and values..

By taking a philanthropic approach to the production of our products,
we created a hyperlocal manufacturing system for our garments in which we collaborate with local manufacturers and artisans in México to create beautiful luxury pieces that are not only unique but made of the finest materials.

We celebrate families, our footwear is handcrafted in Padova, Italy by a family owned company that has proved the time tested traditions of shoemaking.

We celebrate women, our huile d’ parfum is developed in México and manufactured in a facility whose employers are 98% women and also sources its essences from the most ecological lab in the country. Momma earth would be proud.

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