Grey Sheep


buenos aires / argentina


Metropolitan center of art and design

Graduation year


It is young luxury label specializing in unique Haute Couture and ready-to-wear for both sexes. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in July 2013 by designer Carlos Molina. It takes place as in the creation of clothing described themselves "art for wear." Taking inspiration from the nostalgia and romance of dynasties and in some cases fiction stories on the big screen, for their magical collections. This label strives to incorporate elegance, class and originality to their practical designs with fine embroidery, sequins, digital applications motifs and designs, using the finest materials: fabric, metallic threads, pearls, Swarovski, among other unusual materials.

However, the growing tendency by the recovery of clothing and accessories of other times (vintage fashion), the change in consumer buying habits and the progressive bet and social awareness by the culture of recycling, have been the germ of collections inspired by time. Since time is an indispensable resource for all fashion designers, let us look to the past for inspiration. But if we go beyond in cabinets or vintage shops we will find treasures, such as items of clothing, accessories and objects used to recycle them, restoring them in order to prolong its life cycle, as well as new objects inspired by the romantic vintage design.

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