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London based Luka Pasikowski and his faboulous piece of jewellery ‘Jewelled Horse’ has been acclaimed and awarded at the Goldsmiths' Craftsmanship & Design Awards 2012. As a theme, it alludes to the precious concepts of chivalry developed from the horsemen in medieval times, incarnating gallantry and strength. In form, a sculptural design reinvents this concept to achieve a striking, powerful but wearable objet precieux for 21 century jewel lovers.

Cardinal of London is a jewellery label trading from 2012. It has been conceived to showcase Luka Pasikowski’s designs for an edgy and for a discerning market. Luka’s jewellery is a work of a distinctive hand which was formed by his background as a sculptor as well as a jeweller (he worked for London’s Crazy Pig Designs).

This year Luka and his Cardinal of London is introducing his streamline “Interstellar” collection. Interstellar pieces show the futuristic facet to Cardinal of London's work. The design of the rings is ultramodern and chic. Also, clients noticed that Luka's statement pieces arewearable, well-balanced and comfortable. As always Cardinal of London has one mission - to beautify and complement the person who wears it.

As a person, Luka and Cardinal of London reaches out to many people and his jewellery reflects his personality. He enjoys designing for women and for men; for those attracted to the edge of things as well as for buyers of a more Renaissance hue.

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