Candle Ray

Grey Sheep



manila / philippines


sofa design institute

Graduation year


Candle Ray started back in 2016. It is an eco friendly label that creates functional clothing that communicate precission and strength, yet with a subtle sensibility. Often playing with the idea of deconstruction, the label is achieving the refined sense of wearability by creating architectural geometry that suggests power and authority, a true measure of modernist function. the details were mostly subtle and understated in hues of monocrhomatic variation and shades. Design elements were intended to compliment the figure, seaming for structure to create interesting lines and shape. the brand continually develops new interpretations of it's modernist philosophy, allowing for a well-developed collection each season.
The brand assures that all are designed in accordance to the sustainable fashion rules. Each made-to-order piece is sustainable and produced with ethically minded practices. with the goal to cut waste out fashion, the brand often use textile waste, ranging from end of rolls, second hand fabric and clothing, cut and sewn fabric, etc. these materials were often transformed using the sustainable techniques of up-cycling, reconstruction and zero waste.
Candle Ray is definitely a brand of modernist function with a sense of sustainability.

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