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paris / france



Graduation year


Designer and craftsman, Camille Roussel is a member of ‘Atelier d'Art de France’.
She develops collections that combine the mastery of its premium expertise to its contemporary vision of jewelry and accessory. Camille provides an architectural dimension to her creations seeking the subtle balance of solids and voids and presents an accurate body of work to define the proper proportions tailored to the body.

Camille Roussel’s jewelry and lamb leather accessories are minimalist with geometric shapes, designed as a set of structures, her jewelry is composed of interchangeable and reversible parts.
Bracelets, necklaces, belts and earrings offer multiple color combinations.

Play with contrasts :
Focusing on color and composition, Camille designs her accessories in a pictorial way. She plays a lot with colors, gradients, bright and shimmering colors and works in contrast. She likes to combine matte and velvety leather with metallic leather for a unique approach.

Design and manufacture 100% French :
Remarkable and timeless, these luxury pieces are handcrafted, available in large or small quantities and others are made-to-measure. The design and manufacture are all crafted in house at Camille’s studio, ‘Viaduc des Arts’ in Paris. Camille sources leather from the most prestigious french Haute Couture tannery
and are eco-friendly label.

Product Design studies at ENSAD :
Camille Roussel discovered her passion for leather and the art of crafting luxury leather during her final year at ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris). After working for several design agencies, she created her brand of contemporary jewelery and leather accessories in 2011.
Since 2014, she is in residence with ‘Les Ateliers de Paris’, at ‘La Pépinière du Viaduc des Arts’.

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