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The story behind the Camilla Wellton brand is tightly interwoven with the personal life of Camilla Wellton.

It ́s both a long sometimes complicated story as well as it is a very short and universal one.

The short version of the story goes something like this:

There was once a young girl and she wanted to be herself. So that ́s what she did.

The more complicated version of the story we will not tell here but the main points of it can be summed up like this:
She was very small when she took control over her wardrobe. Her parents, even though she was only 5 years old when she demanded fashion freedom, finally gave up and just let her dress the way she wanted.

She had a plan you see. She needed to feel like herself. Unadultered and pure expression of who she was. Nothing else seemed like an option.

She had noticed that diiferent types and combinations of clothes she wore created different ways of feeling herself. Some ways felt better and some ways felt less good, less secure.
There was a logic to it...

So she experimented with different clothing styles. A lot. For many years.
Regardless of how eccentric the outfits might seem to others, she continued her experiments.

She started to understand which type of clothes she should wear as to get in touch with feelings she needed in order to feel like herself. Regardless of what others thought of her style, regardless of which country she was living in.

As long as she was true to herself she was safe, she reasoned. And the clothes she made for herself magnified the feeling of being who she needed to be. And thus she was safe.

She grew in height, age, skill and taste.
She grew into herself even more when other people liked what she did and wanted her to make clothes for them as well. The joy she felt seeing the happiness on her first customers ́ faces as they received the clothes she had made for them was heaven for her. So she continued to work.
After many years, she understood that what she had called “feeling like herself” actually was the same thing as feeling love inside herself.
This motivated her, more than ever before, and she dedicated herself to the exclusion of all other things.

Focusing intently, creating a work flow that made it possible that while designing every piece, the feeling experienced in the process of creation is Love.
So that she felt more and more love. And the garment made is a work of Love.
This makes the process of creating every item an act meaningful in and of itself.
Not a means to an end, but something with the highest amount intrisic personal value.

Hoping strongly that when You wear it, it becomes easier for you to feel Love.
Because if you feel Love inside yourself and for who you are, then you are automatically in touch with your own power, beauty and elegance.

That ́s when you feel Safe inside yourself, that ́s when you ́re at Home wherever you are.
By allowing Yourself to experience that Love, You feel stronger, more beautiful and more Alive. More like Yourself.
That ́s the whole point with the brand.
To create and share Love. To be celebrate the essence of yourself by allowing it to shine through.

Every day, in every choice you make, using your wardrobe as a tool among other things, explore, discover, enjoy and share your unique identity. It is your gift to the world and to your self.

We are at your service in this endeavor and we love to help you with what we know best.

Learning by doing
Camilla Wellton is self taught both in fashion design and pattern construction. Her inspiration comes from her creative process: she does the pattern construction, sews the toiles and first samples herself.

Fashion and Yoga
Aiming towards nothing less than complete understanding of the Art of dressing the Self, creating vertically in this way this deepens her understanding as well gives new angles and ideas.
She relies yoga and meditation to feed her being and creativity. Camilla has been a practicing yoga student and in intervals also a yoga teacher (Hatha Yoga) for the last 21 years.

Sweden and the Carribean
With a mixed ancestry combining Sweden and the French caribbean, Stockholm born and based designer Camilla Wellton draws the very best from both cultures:
The Swedish clean architectural approach to esthetics as well as the strong vibrant individuality and sensuality of the Caribbean

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