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Giulio Laera was born in Bari in 1997. Born of a Dominican mother and Italian father developed his passion for fashion in 2014 thanks to its experiences with cultures from around the globe.In July 2014 moves alone in New York throughout the summer which became for him a reference point of Streetwear. Live experiences with professionals between Harlem and Soho where one breathes the upcoming change in the streetwear thanks to Hood By Air by Shayne Oliver. Back in Italy decides to express his personality through streetwear, being mocked by his contemporaries for eccentricity in dress.
In December 2015 back in the Big Apple with a more mature vision of streetwear, this return to the United States will signal its willingness to enter the world of fashion. Coming back from the Big Apple, he decided to work as a stylist for one of the most famous boutiques of his city. This experience led him to feel the need to express his ideas more widely and to eliminate barriers to dictate from the territory and reduced local-mindedness on fashion.
In 2016 began his college career in a Faculty of Economics in his city, continuing to develop in parallel with his knowledge and passion for fashion thanks to the Internet and his experiences abroad. Thanks to his innate creativity in fashion design and its sole economic and entrepreneurial skills acquired through his family, high school in the logistics and the first year at University of Economics, decides to give life to a label CAMERA HUMANA.
The vision of the brand is in the name: camera in english is '' photocamera'' and in italian mean '' room , closed place '' . CA-HA represents all fears, feelings that
the youth generations put into themself to leave space to instability , wild night-life , aesthetics , likes and follows, generated from a
camera to stay always under the spotlights.
Camera Humana watch without judging their attitudes , behaviours and lifestyle , not for stop their needs to appear but to increase it.

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