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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Alice Otegui graduated in Fashion and Textile Design from ORT University in 2014. During her studies she did an exchange at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she was exposed to the full scope of sustainability in the fashion field and took an interest in the pivotal role of designers in the future of fashion.
Raised between the city and the countryside in Tacuarembó, Alice, who also goes by the pet name ‘Bosh’, spent her childhood amongst her mother’s constructive oil paintings and the scented wood of eucalyptus trees. She developed a sensitivity for abstract art and fascination for nature which presently defines the narrative of her personal brand.

CALMO is born in 2017 as a creative and inquisitive label deeply rooted in nature. Critical of fast consumption and an outlet for the designer’s passion for design with purpose, the playful label doesn’t take itself too seriously. With the intention set to spark awareness around the act of dressing mindfully and the fragility of nature, Alice designs pieces to be patiently loved and treasured for seasons to come.

A rich collaborative process between herself and local artisans explores natural processes and manual techniques, in an attempt to shine a light on forgotten skills. “Bosh” seeks to elevate local craftsmanship, igniting innovation in a production process based on sheer experimentation.

With a curious mind, the designer learned from a young age to dive into books for inspiration. Through reading, she develops narratives with herself which she later stamps onto her one-of-a-kind designs, achieving conceptual pieces which tell her own story.

Latest Collection

Latest Collection