cala de la cruz

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cali / colombia

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Cala de la Cruz evokes a small and alluring beach. The word “cala”, in Spanish, defines a small rounded bay where the sea calmly sets. Cala de la Cruz is an imaginative warm place that always promises a festive and joyful time.

The brand’s creative director, Carolina Lopez, is a passionate textile designer who gives life to the brand through her bold illustrations and intuitive sense of color.

Founded in Cali, Colombia, Cala de la Cruz is a dynamic resortwear brand fusing bold yet simple designs with a conscious mindset. Inspired by the beauty of everyday, the brand comes to life when combining timeless, often retro silhouettes, with its enduring elevated graphic botanicals, geometrics and iconic prints that capture a spirited notion.

The label’s homeland is also a focus during production, with all styles made by small local businesses to support a responsible lifecycle. Expect clean lines, sophisticated prints and a unique mix-and-match approach for an eclectic yet cohesive finish.