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Cabra-Montéz is a fashion company with focus on creating contemporary pieces. Based in Brazil, the brand have independent and thoughtful sense of beauty; aims to create a customer experience that goes beyond shopping. The creative team works to develop own content, creating editorials, videos and tracks that communicate the company identity - permeated by art, design, architecture and music.

With new spirit, began in January 2013 after the launch of its first collection and opening of online store. From the beginning the brand’s thought is global, not submitting to regionalist vision and techniques. It has creative approach and is driven by quality and authenticity of its products.

To Cabra-Montéz, clothing is not tied to gender but to the body, producing unisex pieces the idea is to blur gender lines: using fashion as a manifesto against prejudice. The collections focuses on the details, with emphasis on modeling and the use of innovative techniques.

Raul Dotto, Cabra-Montéz’ creative director is graduated in Visual Arts and Fashion. His artistic production began through installations with materials similar to clothes, in a form of participatory art. In the beginning, clothes approaches art, not fashion. For him, fashion are more closely related to creation than with trends, he believes that the people’s needs change, and fashion meet these needs.

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Latest Collection

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