Bruno Nowi

Black Sheep


krakow / poland


fashion institute of design & merchandising

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The brand was created by Anna Wisniowska, a graduate from the fashion institute of design and merchandising in Los Angeles with a focus in fashion design. Her achievements include being one of 15 students exclusively selected to create a red carpet look which was shown at an esteemed Los Angeles FIDM museum & galleries. Additionally, a tote bag of her design was chosen to promote the university across all facilities in California. Her first collection debuted in 2013 at the Wisniowski fashion show, presenting pieces inspired and created by utilizing the companies products. The purpose of the show was to promote the Wisniowski brand. The collection was then featured during the Photomonth festival at the Manggha gallery of fine art & photography in Krakow, Poland. She established brand Bruno Nowi in 2013. Innovative fabrics from all over the world, timeless construction, stylish comfort, impeccable quality and most importantly passion and respect for the process. This is the essence of Bruno Nowi. The designer claims that she loves fashion because it is a fascinating adventure, where you can create something from scratch - start to finish - each season.

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