Brigid KO

Grey Sheep


Tennessee / united states


bennington college

I love the challenge of using found and recycled materials to create something new. Re-construction and re-creation are an exploration of my concerns with consumerism, consumption, and materialism. I am fascinated with the challenge of manipulating non-traditional materials to make them conform to more traditional constructions. Using inner tubes from tractors, motorcycles, and bicycles, roofing rubber, rim strip, and mechanical parts, etc., I find myself especially drawn to the play on these traditionally "masculine" types of objects as re-constructed into bold but feminine, delicate forms. The use of inner tubes is a special challenge. Because of their function, they are molded to a specific form. The end result, however, is a shockingly soft, pliable, beautifully textured piece that is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

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