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universidad politécnica de madrid centro superior de diseño de moda de madrid

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Juan Brea studied fashion desing in Madrid's top centre.
He tanned his style in the workshops of two great fashion majors: Caprile and Santiago Bandrés, inheriting the good work of haute couture.
Master's degree in Professional Training directed by Ana Locking, designer of recognized professional prestige, which gives access to the knowledge of great working professionals such as Alberto Gomper, Juanjo Oliva, Eugenia de la Torriente and Maria Arcas.

In 2011 he creates his brand Brea with the collection of handbags and leather accessories "Mi segunda piel".

2012 was the first step for its men's and women's fashion collections under the title "Construyendo lo efímero".

In 2015 a Baroque inspired saga begins and presents the collection "1563" in the Athenaeum space.

In 2016 he presented in Madrid Fashion Show the second part of his story called "1598".

Last February (2017), with a spectacular staging at the NH Eurobuilding Hotel in Madrid, he presented his latest collection under the name "1615".

In June 2017, she holds a patronage workshop with Shingo Sato.

In 2018 he presented his great collection “Sempiterno” at the MBFWM in the calendar off. In the prestiguous Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, becoming a great designer of spanish fashion.
Nowadays, it strengthens its fixed clientele of tailor-made sewing and brides, promoting what is called Pret a couture among the taste of its clients: clothes for the daily life made to measure with the dedication and care of the houses of haute couture of long ago, as well as the online sale by carvings to shops and individuals in an industrial way. As well as the internationalization and distribution of the Brand

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