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vienna / austria

The "Brandmair" label was founded by Claudia Brandmair in 2003. She presented her first collection as early as in 1998 at the IMOTA in Vienna followed by a one-year working scholarship with Marc Jacobs and Rubin Chapelle in New York and by the presentation of her collection at the One Week Style Seduction in Vienna in 2003. Since February 2004 her label is represented at the Showroomvago in Paris and London and distributed on an international level.

Brandmair’s fashion is characterized by a very feminine line and by the selection of top-quality materials. The silhouettes are straight, minimal and puristic, the garments are wearable and convenient. She uses untypical fabrics for classic cuts, or turns rather simple fabrics into new materials rich in contrast.

The "Brandmair" fashion label is already cooperating with press agencies in Paris supported by the Unit F Prize for international press and distribution. Besides the continuation of the media work so far and regular presentations at the Paris Fashion Weeks and fashion fairs, the launch and establishment of the "Brandmair" label in an international context shall be promoted in the scope of the funded project.

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