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porto / portugal


ESAD - escola Superior de Artes e Design - Matosinhos

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Catarina Pinto, the designer behind NOPIN’s creations, shares her dream and day-to-day life with her family. It was from an old aspiration to create her own brand that Catarina joined her young and modern energy, creating a fashion brand combining unique design and values of her generation. Graduated from the Higher School of Arts and Design in Matosinhos, Catarina participated in several competitions, being a finalist in the “Denim Young Contest” created by Troficolor, the “Portuguese Fashion News” held at Modtíssimo and one of the winners of the ESAD + THE contest. Since the choice of fabric, its quality, origin, durability, the designer is present in all stages of her creations, responsible for authorial and timeless design, creating new pieces with purpose, personality, care and affection, Catarina is always attentive and immersed in all processes, dedicated to learning and evolving in parallel with NOPIN.


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