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Pedro Pedro Studio is a brand made by a Portuguese couple living in Porto. They base their collections on an urban, minimalist and genderless aesthetic with handcrafted details inspired by Portuguese folk traditions with a contemporary form. The studio presents a genderless product believing that all items are for all consumers who identify with the aesthetics and message of the brand. Pedro Pedro also support partnerships with the local community and independent artists, uniting various forms of artistic expressions, such as sculpture, photography, painting, illustration, graphic design and music. This contributes to the development of the brand itself and the ideal of taking the collections, quality of the products and the community to a next level. Pedro and Ricardo intend to be a beacon of sustainability, in the choice of materials with which they guarantee, the use of dead stock to give a new cycle to existing material, and the use of natural and organic fibers with little environmental impact. They also highly value the circular economy, fostering a very close relationship with suppliers, partners and consumers, believing that this is the path to follow for a responsible future.

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