Black Sheep


beijing / china


London Colleage of Fashion

Graduation year


The Name Boundaryless delivers the underlying significance of ethos influence within the brand and collections, it is representing the designer’s vision of breaking the rules of limitation such as Border, Gender, Season and Age, etcetera. It goes along with the brand significant ‘Agender style’ design, typifies in expressing the unisex fashion statement and wearables between genders.

The Brand and designer devote great amount of dedication to combine fashion design with artistic creation in every season’s collection, presenting the designer’s attitude toward aesthetics and fashion by relaxed yet cheerful designs.

Boundaryless’ Adjustable& Layering design ethos allow wearer to adjust and style it out the design to accommodate their own preferences. Unique silhouette and exquisite pattern cutting, scintillating graphic and illustration in use are the cored and iconic design elements of the brand.

Latest Collection