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tel aviv / israel


bezalel academy for art and design

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Founded in 2014, Born from Rock is a Tel-Aviv based jewelry brand, creating artfully designed and thoughtfully structured pieces.
The brand was originally birthed by the trio of Gili Barnea, Nira Dubious, and artist Maayan Elyakim, now operated solely by Gili and Nira. With Nira having studied fashion theory in Parsons New York, and Gili, an art major from Bezalel, the brand is known for consistently blurring boundaries between wearable jewelry and sculptural objects; their pieces are as concerned with artistry as they are with wearability, and their strong influences from the world of surreal, abstract art, and modernist architecture are pronounced in every piece they make. 
Each piece is handcrafted using the finest natural materials, with their designs often constructed from a marriage between obscure shapes made of sterling silver and precious gemstones. Their collections are characterized by a feminine yet rough aesthetic, which is both bold and refined, edgy and elegant, innovative and classic. 

Latest Collection

Latest Collection